Networking Cycling Cultures

In preparing the Velo-city 2013 conference, the Velo-city Management Team decided to actively engage Vienna’s cultural institutions and initiatives. With a series of Networking Meetings (Bi)cycles and Cultures, the Velo-city 2013 Management Team aimed to whet the cultural sector’s appetite for urban cycling. The meetings were to highlight the potentials of how (bi)cycles can be more intensively used for (I) organising institutional mobility and (II) transportation as a subject for cultural work.

Overall, the meetings were set up as a venue for different individuals from the cultural sector to communicate their ideas regarding bicycle-related projects and for people to come together in order to forge new alliances for realising bicycle-cultural projects. The entire process should be understood as an effort to build social capital and networks to facilitate the development (and evolution) of cycling cultures in Vienna.
To kick off this process, the Velo-city 2013 Management Team decided to organise a Networking Meeting (Bi)cycles and Cultures with the aim of bringing together the greatest possible diversity of representatives from the cultural field of Vienna.

So far, four Networking Meetings (Bi)cycles and Cultures have been held, and about 50 institutions and initiatives have been involved in the meetings, with their number on the rise. The variety and diversity of the participants emphasises the ability of bicycles to bring people together and is an embodiment of Vienna’s rich cultural life ranging from classical music to urban arts. There are various projects directly originating from the networking meetings, such as film projects, initiatives for bicycle tours, bicycle exhibitions, an award program, lectures or the integration of bicycle-cultural initiatives into street festivals.

At this point, the networking meetings are organised by Vienna’s Mobility Agency, which aims to evolve them into a forum and network for cycling cultures in Vienna. We want to thank all persons, initiatives and institutions involved in the Network Cycling Cultures in Vienna. Please have a look at the below list of institutions and initiatives that have already participated and browse the links.

Architekturzentrum Wien
Argus – The Bicycle Lobby
Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management
Austrian Museum of Applied Arts
Bike it on
Black River Festival
Citybike Wien
Cycle Cinema Club
Cyclecraft – The Cargo Bike Company
Das Radhaus
departure. The Creative Agency of the City of Vienna
derive – Zeitschrift für Stadtforschung
Embacher Collection
Energy and Environment Agency of Lower Austria
Radlobby IG Fahrrad
In velo veritas
inoperable street art gallery
Lastenradkollektiv (Cargo Bike Collective) Bečs/Dunaj/Wena/Wien/Vienna…
Municipal Department of Cultural Affairs (MA 7)
Municipal Department of Urban Development and Planning (MA 18)
Maderna Cycle Systems
plansinn Festival
Radlobby IG Fahrrad
Rosinak und Partner
SKOP Filmproduktion
Soundframe Festival
Studio Bezdeka
Technisches Museum Wien (Technical Museum Vienna)
The Bicycle Museum in Retz
The Vienna Bikekitchen
trummer + team
Velonautica – The Transnational Institute for Research, Documentation and Encouragement of Cycling Cultures
Verein Silo
Vienna Cycle Chic
Vienna City Library (MA 9)
Vienna Mobility Agency  and FahrradWien
Wien Museum
Wiener Festwochen
Wiener Konzerthaus
WUK Wien
ZIT. The Technology Agency of the City of Vienna

(For reasons of privacy, we have omitted the names of the individuals who have participated in the meetings.)

Velo-city 2013 Vienna | Cycling Stories
Florian Lorenz
Velo-city 2013 Communications Team