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Wikicleta is a web and mobile application that makes it easy to share and find useful information for everyday urban cycling on any city on the world, through crowdsourcing. Together with the crowdsourced info, the most popular city sightseeing routes on a given city will be presented to leisure-only cyclists for encouraging them to use their bicycles as an alternative mean of transportation.

Through Wikicleta, we want to have updated and trustable information for everyday cycling on any city around the world, we believe good information will encourage people to use their bicycle on their city with more confidence and also to get to know it more.

With Wikicleta, on a live map of their city, urban cyclists and people interested on cycling will be able to:

1. Share, find, check-in and rank routes according to it's safety, speed and comfort.
2. Find parking, workshops and shops for bicycles.
3. Localize the closest bike-sharing cycle-station and know it's bike/parking availability.
4. Leave tips for others cyclists on three categories: Danger, Attention, Sightseeing. Example:
- Danger: A pothole is open at the rightmost side of the street.
- Sightseeing: At this point starts the last alive river on Mexico City.
5. Cyclists will be able to ask for help and provide help to closer cyclists on real-time when:
- A bycicle is stolen
- An accident ocurred
- A bycicle breakdown
6. Visualize a real-time layer of the air quality and noise on their city (with citizensensor) as a heatmap
7. Socialize a route inviting others to ride it on a regular basis or at a given datetime.
8. Collect badges and coupons for their activity on behalf of the cycling community.
9. They will be able to see where they friends are riding on real-time

Wikicleta won the StartupWeekend MX for the Planet in November 2012 in Mexico City as an idea with potential to become a financially auto-sustainable project.

Wikicleta is currently under active development, the first version will be launched on May 17 with english and spanish support and will be shipping four key features. After the launching, we will be developing the remaining features getting feedback from local NGOs and local urban cyclists groups.

Wikicleta will be available through web browsers and smartphones running Android and iOS, it's will have a free version and a paid version which will include a couple of extra features not found on the free version and no ads.

Wikicleta has been featured in the mexican media and press, we include two links of it found at the right (on spanish).

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