The Vienna Cycling House


In 2010, the City of Vienna decided to raise the bicycle modal share within the city from 5% to 10% over a five-year period, i.e. until 2015. Since then, various measures and new initiatives have been launched to attain this goal. In this, the City of Vienna is pursuing a three-tiered strategy of infrastructure improvement, administrative support and  public awareness building.

Administrative support and public awareness building both take place in a new space introduced to Vienna, the Vienna Cycling House, which is a manifestation of the pro-bicycle policy of the city’s government. The “FahrRADhaus” (name in German) is an open space, programmed by Vienna’s Cycling Agency with urban cycling as its main theme and the aim to push cycling forward in Vienna. In this sense the Vienna Cycling House aims to become Vienna’s central contact point in terms of bicycles and cycling cultures.

The Vienna Cycling House offers a rich roster of bicycle-related events such as discussions, workshops, presentations and meetings of various stakeholders of Vienna’s cycling scene. These events are usually free of charge and open to everyone.


2012 is the first year of operation for the Vienna Cycling House and with more than 7000 visitors by the end of August, it has proven to be an important location within the city where people can meet and forge new contacts to support cycling in Vienna.

The Vienna Cycling House will be an important location during the Vienna Year of Cycling in 2013 and will also be a location for the events within the Velo-city 2013 conference program in Vienna. You can then check it out and participate in events yourself. See also this webpage to find out more about the Vienna Cycling House and have a look at the programme page (in German) of the Vienna Cycling House.