The Bikeshopper


The idea of “Bikeshopper” – a mobile shopping service – uses the bicycle as a transport vehicle for food shopping on behalf of various clients who are not able to do their groceries for themselves or simply want to save time and money.

There are two variants of “Bikeshopper“: a “Bikeshopper” delivering to people at home and a “Bikeshopper” serving offices and other institutions.

A volunteer (child or adult) receives shopping lists by e-mail or phone from different persons in a village or urban settlement. To handle the complete food shopping process, the cyclist takes the collected shopping lists and drives to the nearest grocery store at a specific time each day (once or twice daily).

The cyclist himself/herself receives a 10% price discount on his/her own shopping from the grocery. With a big bicycle basket or backpack, the cyclist is able to store the whole shopping for all clients and then drives to them to distribute the purchases. The cyclist first pays at the store and is then paid by the clients for their individual shopping when he/she returns with the products ordered. At the same time, the cyclist is able to earn some extra money from the clients.

Cyclists can also deliver food or snacks to offices and other institutions during lunchtime. The employees order the food they want by e-mail or phone in the morning from Monday to Friday, and the cyclists come to their offices with the food at noon.


Julia Kopitschek, Irnfritz (Austria) and Julia Simon, Mollram (Austria)

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