Bankers and e-bike: a perfect fit!


Erste Group/Erste Bank with its headquarters in Vienna uses e-bikes as the perfect alternative for short ‘business trips’ within the city.

Erste Group runs its business from a number of locations scattered throughout the city centre of Vienna. For meetings or simple face-to-face discussions, our colleagues often walk or travel many kilometres by taxi or public transport from one site to the other. At the beginning, it was just an idea of the Head of Group Environmental Management and of the Group Services department to offer all employees the alternative of using a bike for short trips within the city limits of Vienna, but this suggestion was soon accepted as a very popular measure.

At five of our main locations in Vienna, e-bikes were installed for free-of-charge use. To book them is as easy as to invite a colleague for a meeting via MS Outlook. The doorman of each location hands over the battery and keys to unlock the bike as well as a helmet (for safety) – and off you are to hit the road or one of Vienna’s many cycle ways.

Our experience: we save some money that used to be spent on taxis; our colleagues save time (even over public transport) and because the bikes are e-bikes, they arrive at their destinations not only totally relaxed but, most importantly, with zero CO2 emissions (this really means ‘zero’ because Erste Group in Austria uses only electric energy from 100% renewable resources!!). That’s a real win-win-win situation.

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Klaus Bergsmann

Head of Environmental Management Group

Erste Bank