WOOM – The Better Children’s Bike


This Cycling Story presents the Cycling Visionary WOOM, an emerging bicycle company from Vienna that focuses 100% on children’s bikes. WOOM designs high-quality and lightweight bikes for children of all age groups.

What makes WOOM unique is its attention to detail. WOOM values safety, ergonomics, handling, design and toxic-free parts to create environmentally friendly bikes for kids. The optional Upcycle System allows the bike to grow along with the young rider.

WOOM bikes are 100% handcrafted in Europe. Development is done in Austria, the frames are handmade in Europe, and final assembly takes place in Vienna. Not only is WOOM the sole bike manufacturer in Vienna – it is also the one and only children’s bike company in all of Austria.

The Better Children’s Bike

WOOM bikes are available in five different sizes, one through five.

Start with WOOM 1, the ideal training bike for kids up to age five. WOOM 1 is the perfect companion for a child’s first encounter with two wheels. This strider bike teaches children balance and co-ordination without the worry of pedals. WOOM 2 is the first pedal bike for children ages five and up, and this technology grows up to WOOM 5, a 24-inch bike with 8 gears.

Every WOOM bike is handcrafted and targeted to a specific age group. WOOM has developed ‘small hand-reach’ brakes, which enable even the smallest of hands to brake safely and with minimum effort.

The back pedal brake has been eliminated to ensure higher safety and better handling. The lightweight alloy frames have been geometrically designed for optimal overall weight.

The bendable top tube facilitates easy mounting and dismounting. The high-quality, high-volume Schwalbe tires have low rolling resistance for ultimate safety.

Commitment to a green company

WOOM is centred on sustainability, a healthy environment and local manufacturing. The frames in their entirety are produced in Europe, thus cutting down on transportation costs and CO2 emissions. The final assembly of every bike takes place in the 14th municipal district of Vienna.

The grips and saddles are softener-free. The Schwalbe Big Apple tires are certified as low-toxic. The local Austrian company Tiger Coating provides the toxic-free powder coating for the bike frames.

Upcycle System

The objective of the Upcycle system is to ensure the right bike size for children at all times. The Upcycle System is simple: it allows the bike to grow along with the child. A membership can be purchased with any WOOM bike. 24 months after the purchase date, the bike can be returned to WOOM and 40% of the purchase price will be refunded to the buyer. The returned bikes will then be refurbished and sold as used bikes in the secondary market.

Online Sales

WOOM bikes and accessories can be ordered at www.woombikes.com.

About WOOM

The WOOM brand was founded by the industrial designers Christian Bezdeka and Sebastian Rahs from Studio Bezdeka, both with multiple years of experience in the bike industry. Studio Bezdeka has been involved in developing high-end mountain and race bikes for Simplon. Marcus Ihlenfeld is the WOOM marketing manager and business analyst.

Their track records include:

Work with DT Swiss and SIGG

Development of Trek Bicycles flagship store in Vienna

Development of Velostitch bike jeans

Originally, the owners were searching for quality bikes for their own children and decided to solve the problem for themselves. With support from AWS Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH and an Impulse XL grant, they were able to bring the project to life. During the development process, Studio Bezdeka received support from the Austrian AUVA Bike Workshop operated by the Austrian Workers’ Compensation Board, where prototypes were thoroughly tested under real-life conditions and feedback helped to drive the development process. After close to four years of research, development, numerous prototypes and test rides, Studio Bezdeka now proudly presents WOOM bikes to the public.

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