Cycle Cinema Club in Vienna


Cycle Cinema Club is a pedal-powered open-air cinema that was started 2012 in Vienna. The initiative by IG Fahrrad and IndyAct Vienna follows a Do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) approach as viewers crank up e-bikes as generators powering the cinema but also bring along what they need in terms of cinema supplies (blankets, chairs, food, popcorn, drinks etc.). The films, videos and animations featured during the Cycle Cinema Club comprise a diverse selection of contemporary and classic moving images related to the bicycle and cycling. Logistically, the Cycle Cinema Club demonstrates pedal-powered autonomy as the entire equipment is transported on three cargo bikes to and fro the changing locations of the screenings. Cycle Cinema Club is open to everyone and free of charge, the only thing viewers may donate in return for the show is their pedal-power.


The images in this post are impressions from the first Cycle Cinema Club held at Yppenplatz, Vienna in May 2012. An enthusiastic audience followed the program and cheered to a diverse selection of animations and short films. The series will continue throughout the year and is a great venue for everybody to enjoy Vienna’s open spaces while attending a sustainably powered (and free) open-air cinema. Cycle Cinema Club is a great example for how bicycles can be used to vitalize urban space with temporary, public and self-organized events. In this sense the Cycle Cinema Club will ideally diversify Vienna’s large range of open-air cinemas on a continuous basis, also during the upcoming years.

Check the Cycle Cinema Club’s facebook page to see future venues for the Cycle Cinema Club and more images.

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Florian Lorenz

Velo-city 2013 Communications Team