Information for Sponsors


Surrounding the Velo-city 2013 conference, there will be a strong focus on cycling in Vienna over the entire year. 2013 will be recognized as “Vienna Year of Cycling” with the Velo-city conference as the trigger and engine for a wider array of campaign elements, events, and initiatives to whet the Viennese population’s desire for cycling. The highlight of next year’s program will be Vienna Cycling Week, taking place around the Velo-city 2013 conference from June 8th through June 16th. In addition to Vienna Cycling Week there will be cycling-related highlights such as the Vienna Bike Festival in the spring and Mobility Week in autumn 2013.

An undertaking of the size of a Velo-city conference provides unmatched opportunities for the representation of commercial partners. The city of Vienna, as the host of the Velo-city conference, will be promoting this event through all media channels available to the city. This will highly benefit selected sponsors that thematically align with the conference.

There will be a maximum of five main sponsors, and additional co-sponsors, invited to participate in the event at various levels.

The management team of Velo-city 2013 offers the following services for a main sponsor contributing at least €250.000 or the equivalent value as a sponsoring fee.

  • Placement of the sponsor’s logo as an integrated element of the conference logo.
  • Placement of the sponsor’s logo on printed materials, especially the program brochure (sponsor page) and sponsor integration in written contributions.
  • The possibility of including supplementary material with conference materials.
  • Exhibition booth at the Velo-city EXPO.
  • Placement of the sponsor’s logo on video screens at the registration desk, a screen in the plenary hall, and on the conference tents.
  • Placement of the sponsor’s logo on roll-ups in the entrance area, plenary hall, seminar tents, and catering area.
  • Placement of the sponsor’s logo in the official Velo-city 2013 movie (closing credits).
  • Placement of the sponsor’s logo at conference ‘hot spots’ (places in Vienna related to cycling topics which will be marked during the conference and feature auxiliary programs)
  • If requested and compatible with the conference program, content-related input from the sponsor as part of the conference program.
  • Reimbursement of two conference tickets for the sponsor’s associates.

The sponsoring fee can be partly or entirely offset by allowance in kind.

For further enquiries please contact the conference director