Cycling Visionaries Awards

The Cycling Visionaries Awards highlight new ideas for urban cycling cultures. The programme seeks to support young individuals from various professional backgrounds and cultural contexts engaged in the evolution of cycling as key to the future of urban mobility.

Voting Prizes and Vienna Jury Prizes: A total of 60 Cycling Visionaries

The great public interest in the Cycling Visionaries Awards and the help of the Award sponsors made it possible to support a total of 60 beneficiaries to be selected as Cycling Visionaries:

  • Thirty “Voting Prizes”, decided during the public online voting between 1 and 15 April 2013.
  • Thirty “Vienna Jury Prizes”, allocated by the Velo-city 2013 Management Team acting as a jury.

Beneficiaries of the Cycling Visionaries Awards won a free participation in the foremost global venue on urban cycling, the Velo-city conference, held in Vienna, Austria, in June 2013. During Velo-city, Cycling Visionaries met leading voices of the global cycling community and participated as delegates in Velo-city 2013 to expand the scope of their work. The awarded projects, ideas and visions have been published in Velo-city 2013 conference publications. 

Cycling Visionaries

Many thanks to all submitters for sharing your idea/vision/project for the Cycling Visionaries Awards! We are grateful to have your ideas on board and hopefully will be able to make your voice heard, even if you did not take a Cycling Visionary Award home! Each and every submission to the Cycling Visionaries Awards highlights the growing importance of cycling cultures across the globe. Please have a look at all submissions received for the Cycling Visionaries Awards.

Download the Cycling Visionaries Awards Poster (A1, pdf, 4.1 MB).

Below you find the list of Cycling Visionaries awarded a prize, including the submission’s title, submitter’s name, city and country. Follow the links to the individual project view pages. The beneficiaries are listed according to the categories the projects were submitted to and the number of votes received.

Advocacy and Social Projects

Cycling Visionary – Voting Prize

Ciclopaseos del Ecuador. Diego Puente Corral. Quito, Ecuador

Tribul (The Tribe). Ariel Constantinof. Bucharest, Romania

Adopt a dangerous bicycle lane! Marian Ivan. Bucharest, Romania

SkirtBike. Andreea Toader. Bucharest, Romania

RIDE TO CHANGE_Social Movement. Mario Paredes Otálora. Barcelona, Spain

Auto*Mat Prague. Vít Masare. Prague, Czech Republic

Women Cycling School. Macleta. Santiago, Chile

A bike bloggers’ European network. Paolo Pinzuti. Izmir, Turkey

Rodada de Altura. Fernanda Viguri. Mexico City, Mexico

Bicycles for Life. Carlos Cadena Gaitán (and members of La Ciudad Verde). Medellín, Colombia

Cycling Visionary – Vienna Jury Prize

Shkodra, shining cycling culture, Entela Shkreli, Albania

Recicleta, Alvaro Gatica, Chile

Unionize cyclists! Marko Gregovic, Croatia

Bike Fest, Nicoleta Cirjan, Romania

Bike your way around, Novi Sad Bicycling Initiative, Serbia

SHUKRA–Cycling Skills for Refugees, Siegfried Wöber, Tanzania

UWSA Ice Riders Andrée Forest, Canada

Lastenradkollektiv Wien-Cargobike, Harald Koelbl, Austria

Bikekitchen, Bikekitchen eV., Austria

BIKESHOPPER, Julia Kopitschek und Julia Simon, Austria

MWIRUTE BICYCLES MICRO CREDIT, Jean Baptiste Nsabimana, Rwanda

Schulterblick, Robert Fuchs, Austria

Beocyclization, Miloš Lazić, Serbia

Science, Research and Development

Cycling Visionary – Voting Prize

CYCLODEO: Virtual Bike Rides. Samir Bendida. Nijmegen, Netherlands

SEEKING :: SAFE E-BIKING. DI Peter Saleh. Vienna, Austria

Athens Metropolitan Cycling Network. Maria Siti. Athens, Greece

BYKER™ – Bike Sharing for All. Rob Grisdale. Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Bicicletas Integradas de Bogotá. Diego F Aldana Espinosa. Bogota, Colombia

Cycling Visionary – Vienna Jury Prize

Rapid Mobility Data Survey (BICY), Jason Meggs, Italy

Tapping Traffic: Bike Counting 2.0, Anders Swanson, Canada

Mais Amor Menos Motor, Gabriela Binatti Souza, Brazil

Cargo Bicycle Counts, Ze Lobo, Brazil

BeCycle, Gabriele Bürger, Austria

Cycling culture and social change, Pedro Malpica Soto, Spain

Design, Fashion and Cycling Equipment

Cycling Visionary – Voting Prize

OHkeo, design and innovation. Federico Reese Boloque. Madrid, Spain

Project Carma. Project Carma. Lisbon, Portugal

BLINKERGRIPS for active road safety. Niko Jaernberg – Small Innovations GmbH. Thayngen, Switzerland

Georgia in Dublin, Cycle Rain Wear. Georgia Scott. Dublin, Ireland

IZZY – no chain, 2 wheel drive bike. Marta Jurek. Warsaw, Poland

Cycling Visionary – Vienna Jury Prize

Tel-O-Porter, Udi Rimon, Tel Aviv, Israel

WOOM Das bessere Kinderrad aus Wien, Christian Bezdeka, Vienna, Austria

Bikesexual, Rheta, Vienna, Austria

B’IQ Recro, Marcin Dopieralski, Vienna, Austria

Urban Planning and Urban Design – supported by
Cycling Visionaries Award supported by SRAM

Cycling Visionary – Voting Prize

The Bombay Greenway Project; Alan Abraham, Abraham John ARCHITECTS, Bombay, India

“Auto”-Mobile Beijing, August Liau, New York City, United States

Bike Your City. Jack J. Jiang. Wellington, New Zealand

BikeEmotion, a New Bikeshare System. Catarina Miguel Garcia Martins. Aveiro, Portugal

The S.W.O.P. bicycle box. Stulanovic Dervis, Weber Sebastian, Ohrhallinger Jürgen, Pereguda Dmitry, Königswenger Florian, Vienna, Austria

Cycling Visionary – Vienna Jury Prize

Campus Design & Policy Handbook, Dorota Wiśniewska, Poland

Fair dialog pedestrians – cyclists, – DI Dieter Schwab, DI Martina Strasser, Vienna,  Austria

LJUBLJANA BIKE BASE INITIATIVE, Borut Sočan, Trimo Urban Crash Team, Slovenia

Cycling and the Arts

Cycling Visionary – Voting Prize

Borracce di poesia,  Alessandro Ricci, Pescara, Italy

China Mao Suit Run / Vintage ride, Shannon Bufton, Beijing, China

Bike Pour-Trait, Cristian Vlădoaica, Bucharest, Romania

Gilles, the Postman, Visky Zsolt, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Archway for Amsterdam, Mark Grieve, Ilana Spector and Jos Louwman, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cycling Visionary – Vienna Jury Prize

Bicycle Lantern Parade, Juan Carlos Carvajal Bermúdez, Austria

Twincity Artistic Bike racks!, Tomas Peciar, Slovakia

Cycle Cinema Club, Andreas Reiter, Vienna, Austria

Velonautica TV, Grünzweig Friedrich, Vienna, Austria

Voting and Jury

From 1 to 15 April 2013 the global cycling community placed more than 31.000 votes among the 218 submissions originating from 49 countries. Thank you for helping to identify the 30 most supported projects among the five categories to be awarded as Cycling Visionaries! The submissions awarded in this way are referred to as „Voting Prizes“.

As Jury for the Cycling Visionaries Awards, the Velo-city 2013 Management Team decided on 30 additional submissions to be awarded as Cycling Visionaries. The Jury based their decision on criteria such as, content of submission and ist relevancy to Velo-city 2013 conference as well as the aims of the Cycling Visionaries Awards programme to support individuals and initiatives that have not yet reached a prime economic level and to encourage a conference participation of persons aged 30 or younger. The submissions awarded in this way are referred to as „Vienna Jury Prizes“.


The Cycling Visionaries Awards closed for submissions on 31 March 2013 at midnight Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HAST). This equals to a submission deadline for Central European Time (CET) of Monday 1 April 11 AM. The closing of the submission form is final.

The Cycling Visionaries Awards programme supports individuals and initiatives that have not yet reached a prime economic level. The programme especially encourages the participation of persons aged 30 or younger.


If you have any questions regarding the Cycling Visionaries Awards please contact us via email.

How can I submit my idea/project to the Cycling Visionaries Awards

Please refer to the submission section on this website. All the information is there.

What are the minimum requirements for my submission to be accepted?

The minimum information required is the main project image and a brief description of the idea/project you are submitting. Please note that the better and more coherent your description, the more likely it will be understood and come in for an award during the public voting. The Cycling Visionaries Awards Team reserves the right to not publish submissions which are: (I) not understandable (= don’t contain the minimum information), (II) do not have any connection to the categories outlined for the Awards, or (III) contain racist, sexist or other content which does not embody a socially correct code of conduct or, by their very nature, will not allow for a productive discussion on cycling as key to the future of urban mobility.

Why are the images not visible which I submitted together with my project information?

IMPORTANT: please only use .JPG .GIF or .PNG files for submission of image references. Other image formats will not be accepted by our database and will hence only show up as a white screen.

May I author more than one submission for the Cycling Visionaries Awards?

Yes, you may. If you have more than one project in the pipeline and want to hand in multiple projects, please feel free to do so. However, only one Cycling Visionaries Award (and one free conference participation as prize) will be awarded per person. The projects submitted by the same person cannot be the same project/idea handed in for multiple categories. If case such submissions reach we reserve the right to publish one of the submitted projects.

What about the intellectual ownership of my project?

The full intellectual ownership remains with the people behind each project submitted. The Cycling Visionaries Awards only claim the right to republish the project information provided on the Velo-city 2013 website, the Facebook account of Velocityvienna and, in case of a project receiving an award, also in the Velo-city 2013 conference documentation. The conference website will remain active with all the submissions published and offer you the possibility to claim your intellectual property rights for your project idea. Furthermore, this archive of submissions to the Cycling Visionaries Awards will function as an online publication of your project/idea/initiative.

What happens once I am chosen as a Cycling Visionary?

You will be contacted by the Cycling Visionaries Awards Team and are thus entitled to a free conference ticket (full 4-day pass) for Velo-city 2013 in Vienna. Should you be unable to attend the event, your project idea will enter the international discourse in any case since it will be published in the conference documentation.

How will the winning projects be published?

Before publishing the award-winning projects, the Cycling Visionaries Team will contact the award beneficiaries to obtain their consent to publish the material in the printed conference documentation and to obtain the necessary high-res images.

I am already over 30 years of age. May I submit for the Awards all the same?

The Cycling Visionaries Awards encourages people under 30 years to submit projects, though, of course, we do not exclude visionary ideas by people older than 30, so please feel free to submit.

Can I change my project information once I have submitted it to the awards?

For reasons of fairness and to keep the workload of the Cycling Visionaries Awards Team at a reasonable scale, it is not possible to change the project information once it is submitted. Please take care in submitting your project, and everything will be fine!

Will I be notified about the successful submission of my project?

Yes. At the bottom of the submission form, a screen will appear to inform you that we have received your submission. Additionally, you will receive an e-mail stating that your information was placed on file by us. The information entered will then be reviewed and put online within a week’s time. Please save the information submitted by you so you can later find your project among all the other submissions.

May I submit my project in my native language?

We encourage you to submit your project information in English. You may also provide the information in your native language, but please note that the international cycling community is most likely to understand English as a common language. We cannot provide any translation services for submissions in languages other than English.

Will I be notified before the start of the public voting?

Yes, there will be an e-mail informing you in time before the start of the public voting.

Is there funding available to cover my expenses for travel and accommodation?

Unfortunately, we cannot cover any travel or hotel costs for your conference attendance, as Velo-city does not dispose of funding for such expenses of potential participants. If you lack funding to cover your participation expenses for Velo-city, we suggest getting in touch with external institutions to try to obtain this financial support. In case you need a letter of invitation or a confirmation of participation, we are happy to provide you with such a document.