Project Submission


Urban cycling is a multifaceted issue involving projects and people from a wide range of professional fields and cultural (as well as social) backgrounds. The Cycling Visionaries Awards programme aims to involve projects from all disciplines that engage people in promoting the cycling agenda. No interesting project should be left out.

We propose five categories in which to submit your project:

  •      Advocacy and Social Projects
  •      Science, Research and Development
  •      Design, Fashion and Cycling Equipment
  •      Urban Planning and Design
  •      Cycling and the Arts

Take a deeper look at the categories

The Cycling Visionaries Awards programme is open to ideas and projects covering all fields related to urban cycling. It is up to the participants to decide which category to choose for submitting their work. Distinctions may be blurred, and it is possible for one project to fit into more than one category, or none. Please submit your project anyway if you believe that your idea/project is relevant for the future of urban cycling! When submitting your project, please outline in the project description why you have chosen a particular category. In any case: Submit and describe why you choose this category. Please note that only one representative of any submitted project or idea will be awarded.

Submission deadline

Sunday 31 March 2013 at midnight Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HAST). This equals to a submission deadline for Central European Time (CET) of Monday 1 April at 11 AM. The closing of the submission form will be final.

Submit project!

Please be aware that no changes to your submission will be possible once you have submitted your project information. For reasons of fairness, we cannot allow any changes (improvements) once your project is submitted. We suggest that you thoroughly read the guidelines and information on this website and prepare your materials accordingly before submitting. If you have any questions in advance, please contact us .