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Proposal for a Bike Base in the city of Ljubljana. The Bike Base is a meeting point for cyclists and it combines the functions of pickup point for rental bikes, bike repairment, wifi hotspot, café and general meeting point in one compact building. The building is entirely constructed out of modular units and can be composed or decomposed at any site.

Riding towards the city-centre of Ljubljana, a glimpse of a longitudinal red strip catches your eye. It is the new building of TRIMO BIKE BASE, the newest public meeting place of Ljubljana. A spot where you can drink a coffee or a beer, repair your bike, work on your way to a meeting. A special place for celebrations, seminars, TED meetings or just to meet your friends on the terrace and watch the sun set.

The long strip follows the direction of the road. The longness of the building symbolizes the movement of people passing by in their cars, on their bicycles and by foot. This longness is achieved by placing three TRIMO container frames next to each other with space in between. Each container has its own function; on the one end the café, in the middle the wifi -workspot and on the other end the bike repair, storage and toilet.

The space between the container frames houses the entrance made by sliding doors. In wintertime the space has an indoor climate, while in summertime the space is a semi-outdoor space: the sliding doors disappear in the walls and the walls opposite to the entrances can be pulled down to create two sunny terraces into the green zone. Interior and exterior become one. In the exterior materialization the longness is further exaggerated. The exterior is made out of QBISS AIR panels placed in a horizontal direction, which enhances the longness. A horizontal window runs on the long sides of the building and gives sight on the road and on the green zone. The window frames are continued in the sliding doors. The colors of the facades vary from intense pomegranate to soft salmon pink. These colors are congruent with the color scheme found in the Franciscan Church of Annunciation in the city centre of Ljubljana.

The theme of movement is also present inside the TRIMO BIKE BASE. The work tables can be extended to create more workspace and seats inside. The stools can be stored underneath the tables and are stackable. Panels in the wall can be transformed into chairs and tables, while light openings in the wall appear. A play of movement is created in furniture and light. The interior walls, ceiling and fl oor are all made out of wooden panels, which are integrated within the QBIS AIR system, creating a solid, low cost, maintenance-friendly and beautiful atmosphere.

The roof is covered with sedem plants that leads to a higher insulation value and at the same time rainwater can be collected and fi ltered for usage. The toilet is a compost toilet and can be applied as fertilizer for the green zone.

The TRIMO BIKE BASE connects the suburbs and train station to the city, as well as connecting the road to the green zone. It is a meeting place for pedestrians and cyclists, tourists and locals, young and old.

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Anton Zoetmulder

Delft, Netherlands

Category: Urban Planning and Urban Design

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