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This project aims to help and to enable people to create job themselves using the excellent tool as bicycles. The beneficiaries will be grouped in cooperatives and every member receive a bicycle to use for transport of goods or passengers and he earn money by that work. He have to pay the total price plus a small interest within one year. After to pay back another group receive the bicycles and so on; it means that the project ‘ll continue for a long time.


“FONDATION ARTISANS DE LA PAIX ET DU DEVELOPPEMENT AU RWANDA” is an association without lucrative goal that takes care of the well-being of the Rwandans. It has been founded by 7 members in 2002 but currently it is composed of 30 members from the different regions of the country. This association is directed by a Board of directors and the supreme organ is the General assembly that is holding the six months once.


Rwanda is a country where people live mainly by agriculture but one observes the reduction of the agricultural production at the moment.

It is due to the climatic change that causes the drought that nearly destroys all harvests. The other reason is the use of traditional methods that hinders the sufficient production to feed the population more and more.

This situation affects the vulnerable groups as orphan and widowed that are numerous because of the genocide of 1994.

People of MWIRUTE live in an extreme poverty and this affect the women who must work a lot and in difficult conditions.

People don’t have the access to the sufficient food and one observes various illnesses particularly among children, in addition they live in the non comfortable houses, and the children don’t have access to the education because of the lack of the school fees.

People make some long distances in search of water and get a stock of the basis needs in the local and surrounding markets.

3. Justification

FAPDR foresees to start the micro credit project in the region of Mwirute because it seems to be very necessary.

In fact while considering the experience made with the project that already initiated in two regions the project aims to alleviate the pain of the women and to support them in their socioeconomic activities. Young men also need to set up their generating activities for a better improvement of life and a positive transformation of the living conditions of other people living in the same area.


-90% of the beneficiaries will be able to use the bicycles fetch water and to transport their products in the market and so to buy others, to use the bicycle will permit them to reduce the cost of transport

-98% will follow the training sessions on the bicycles micro credit system in order

to be able to manage the project without any constraint and so to respect

the calendar of repayment.

The users of bicycles will be capable of repairs them even the small shortcomings on the bicycle.

– The living conditions of the users will be improved like lodging, clothing, cares of health and 95% of the recipients will manifest a positive change everywhere they live.


The staff and the Board will follow closely from the beginning to the end in the setting and the execution of the project.

The follow-up will consist in the supervision of the seminaries training, the purchase and the distribution of the bicycles as well as the repayment that will cover a period slightly lower to one year .

These agents will identify the new beneficiaries after the repayment of the first so the project is going to continue for an indeterminate period and it constitutes the basis for a lasting development in the region of Mwirute.


With regard to the final evaluation, the team of FAPDR will examine with the recipients the impact of the project on the families.

They will be able to see the change of the living conditions in comparison with their life styles before the project. To do this the team has to identify the problems that people faces and to see the change at the end of it.

It is in this way a questionnaire will be put at the disposal of the recipients who will allow them to examine the evolution of the impact of the project.

The staff of FAPDR will also discover the mistakes and the handicaps to face them in the other eventual project

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Jean Baptiste Nsabimana

KIGALI, Rwanda

Category: Advocacy and Social Projects

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