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Bicycle & Theft Show

Bicycle & Theft Show

When cycling becomes popular, bicycles will be stolen. The 3 P’s of preventing bike theft: prevention, places, police. Prevention: knowledge and use of good locks by bicycle owners. Places: enough legal points to attach the bicycle too and big, free, guarded parking facilities. Police: without permanent attention by the police, stealing of bikes will proof to be a profitable criminal activity…

BeeWise is a Dutch company specialized in infotainment, cycling and re-cycling (yes, we know it is odd). We have developed a Bike & Theft show in which we replay the most common methods bike thieves use to steal bicycles. A weak lock, a poor attaching, or a very clever thief… Not only is the show entertaining for the public, it’s visual attraction is used by all major Dutch media companies in an item about bike theft.

The Bike & Thief Show can be franchised, and we can train local actors.

Bike Theft? Better act now!

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Marc Beek

Harderwijk, Netherlands

Category: Advocacy and Social Projects

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