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Cariboo affordable transport

The idea of CARIBOO is to offer affordable cargo transport around the world.. Recycled bicycle parts from Europe are combined with locally free available materials. The basic set composed of some premanufactured aluminium parts + the main frame made of bamboo completes the bicycle. The main frame (two equal frames) can be built anywhere in the world where bamboo grows.

CARIBOO transporter


The visualized bicycle concept is developed from a mixture of personal necessity and the idea of offering affordable cargo transport around the world. (for less than 40 $).

Transportation and mobility should not be a privilege to some, it should be a human right, in particular in developing countries.

Based on my personal experience with cargo-bikes in the last 5 years, i came up with the idea to build bikes from junk (especially European junk). The bikes that i found on our local scrapyard did not have any malefunctions….so my bike called “CariBoo” had it’s first components. (visualized in green)

Main focus for the Project was:

• Easy to build (+ offering new local jobs)

• Unique + unusual Design

• Easy to maintain

• Recycled Materials

• Maximum durability

• Minimum amount of Parts

• Low cost materials

Finally the recycled parts have to be combined with locally available + easy to access materials. The basic set, composed of some aluminium parts + the main frame made of bamboo completes the “CARIBOO”.

The main frame can be manufactured anywhere in the world where bamboo grows.

Bamboo is a fast growing and sustainable material that offers the required strength.

The bends are made with fire by hand and can be done by untrained labour.

The top part of the frame has the same shape as the bottom part. (same same)

Different techniques of fixing these two frames together can be used. ( screws / bast fiber / ropes, etc.)

The type of use gives the shape to the cargo-part:

• Wood Box Style ( for loose goods)

• Closed Style (in vogue)

• Open Bamboo (for transporting grandma to the doctor or the kids to school).

Tyres are filled with closed insulating foam, so no puncture is possible or air has to be filled (as well a recycling product).

The saddle is made from one big piece of Bamboo and can be adjusted at height without screws. The geometry is rather sporty, based on the fact that extra weight creates more required pedal power. The frame has a flexing effect and gives the bike a forward pushing dynamic look. CariBoo will be a transport helper wherever there is a need of cheap transport or a faible for simplicity.

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Maximilian Kolb

München, Germany

Category: Design, Fashion and Cycling Equipment

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