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„RAUMRADLER“ is a series of miniature paintings by Michaela Kirchknopf.
In this project I explore visual spaces and their limits and the relation between objects and shapes in space. I take the motive of a bike or biker out of its original context and confront it with visual space by using the technique of the collage. The small canvas is the field of experiment where I find infinite possibilities of space-constructions that contrast the figural shapes contained.

The figures in my paintings often come from past times; the motive of the cyclist collaged with knightly, diving or modern sport helmets gives room for interpretation. The helmet might be expression of fast-paced living, protection, defense or fight.

Historic bikers floating in rooms, sinking behind the edges or springing out of the borders bring ambiguity and bewilderment. The illusion of spatial dimensionality is obtained by minimalistic linear representations and single-colored regions.

The biker in my paintings represents movement, activity, restlessness and even deceleration. The pictures suggest a continuous confrontation with the space and its limits, including sensory impressions and experiences. An individual has an urge to move through space while being confronted with inner and outer limits.

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Michaela Kirchknopf

Vienna, Austria

Category: Cycling and the Arts

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