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Flumbo Bicycle Parking

Flumbo Bicycle Parking is a unique parking space created to guarantee the security of the bicycle and its fittings. A software and an electronic system control both the opening and locking function as well as pricing, invoicing and running, providing optimal implementation in Municipalities, towns, universities, work places.…

The interaction with the parking is made electronically, either through a card reader or via a mobile phone . Thanks to its technological package the system is extended to big cities with users, that can put their bicycles in the different points installed in their city, work, studies or health centre… and have piece of mind.

All the information relevant to this service and its proper registers, plus any possible incidents are controlled and filed through the Web, so the complete running of the system and the relation with the users can be made through electronic means.

Flumbo Bicycle Parking Advantages


 Environmental friendly, allows integration through a fusion both visual and functional.

 Attractive design achieves a minimum occupation of the floor

 Individual and modular system that offers a maximum use of the space


 Affordable within big cities with users (Town Hall, universities…) through its smart package

 Allows comprehensive management service through electronic means

 Its installation is simple and quick in the public or private road


 Adapted for an electric bicycle and for its recharge

 All materials and components used are recycled and recyclable

 Infrastructure that helps sustainable mobility

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Ibon Roscales

Oion, Spain

Category: Urban Planning and Urban Design

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