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Tweed Ride Madrid

Tweed Ride Madrid

Promote the use of bicycles in the Madrid city through a slow bike ride dressing old vintage clothes inspirited on the early 19th century.

What is the Tweed Ride?

The Tweed Ride is a cyclist movement, whose members are tipping their hats in homage to the bygone era of antique bicycles and fashion from the end of the 19th and early 20th century.

The main idea is to have “ a jolly good bike ride, in classic style”, based on the London Tweed Run, but under the name of Tweed Ride Madrid.

“The term “tweed” comes from British made suits woven from Scottish wool, which is a strong , durable and warm material. It is manufactured by simply weaving and twisting coloured heather mixtures and woollen strands together, into a two- or three-ply yarn.”

The Tweed Ride Aim

To have an elegant and relaxed cycle around Madrid, dressed in retro attire, with the goal of improving the citizen of Madrid image and try more people use the bike into the city.

This offers a funny and beautiful way to invite the people to use bikes in the cites like other method of transport, as well as offers an ideal framework on which fashion and photography can be combined, to celebrate the unique city of Madrid and its creativity and style.

Who is it aimed at?

The general bike–loving public: from the older generation to even families with children and everyone in between, indiscriminate of sex, age and ability.

Tweed Activities

Main Activity

•A slow ride around Madrid.

Sub activities

•Competition of best dressed person with classic bike.

•Tea time.

•Exhibition of antique bikes.

•Photo call.

•Photography competition.

•Charleston and swim music.

•Tweed dance.

Best Tweed Rider Competition

Award categories

•Best combo of best suit and clasic bike.

•Best dressed suit/ tweed“tweed ride”.

•Best classic bike.


June 9th 2013

The first event was in October 2011, the second was in May 2012 and the third is going to be in June 9th 2013. Each year will be one Tweed Ride, like a city popular party.

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Jerónimo Martínez Molina


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