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The Bike Cube – bike base

Compact, functional, easy to build and modify are the best words to describe the Bike Cube concept. Bike Cube is a meeting place for cyclists which provides not only THE parking space for bicycles but HAS other functions AS WELL: IT’S A place for repairing and maintaining bicycles, IT HAS A café, fast food STAND/RESTAURANT, wi-fi hotspot, place for rest, etc. THE Bike Cube is a concept of A self-

Nowadays, cycling is becoming more and more popular because riding a bike is both healthy for our body and it is a means of transport which is good for the environment. On many sites in cites and on highways there are gas stations and places for maintaining motor vehicles. But, what about bicycles? In order to provide a similarly useful spot for cyclists, we designed a concept named The Bike Cube.


The Bike Cube is a concept of self – sustaining, multifunctional and easy adaptable object for small areas. It requires only 36m² of space and only one accessible side, therefore it can be put almost anywhere. The Basic element of construction is a modular TRIMO container unit. It is constructed of four modular TRIMO containers (shipping containers 243x605x259 cm). Containers are arranged in such a manner so as to form a square basis with dimensions 605 x 605 cm and by putting one container on top of another a two-layered object the shape of an almost perfect cube is formed. The Cubical form of the object is obtained due to the fact that the cube has the same form from all sides, is (at the same time) striking and easaly recognizable. Another benefit of a cubical form is its functionality and the fact that it provides substantial flexibility in terms of rearranging space.


The main idea for materialization of the Bike Cube is for it to be transparent. Transparency provides visual contact with the environment for the users of the Cube. Adding a secondary sliding façade made of hardened polycarbonate panels provides protection from negative atmospheric impacts such as rain, overheating, glitter and wind. Panels also serve as theft protection when the Bike Cube is closed for users. Furthermore, the sliding secondary façade makes a good visual dynamic and so a better visual experience of the Bike Cube and its volume. The color of the panels can be changed weather The Cube is used in cities, on mountains or hillsides, beside rivers, etc.


The Bike Cube has a unique logo attached to it, which is easily recognizable. There is a blank space in the logo where the name of the city or any other location the Bike Cube has at that moment is to be added. That way everyone can know that there is a Bike Cube in their Community/Town/Neighbourhood/City.


Another important element or aspect is to make a new brand, or a trade mark, something that everyone could recognize and like. The minimal usage of materials for the Cube makes it easy to build, but the dynamic of space and visual experience makes it unique. Therefore, even someone who has never seen it before can easily identify it.


The Interior of the Bike Cube is compact. There are not any elements of supporting structure which makes the inner space functionally clear, therefore it is easily rearrangeable to meet various functional requirements in terms of different location needs while preserving the unique outer form.

In order to make a flexible interior and to follow the cubical form, the furniture is designed of modular elements which can be made from plastic or Aglass. the Basic element of the interior is a light hollow box (side 44,5 cm) with one open side. All the furniture is formed by sequencing, moving, rotating and arranging the boxes. Shelves, kitchen elements, flowerpots, chairs, tables, etc are made by manipulating these modular elements. Light modular elements of the interior enable an easy and quick rearrangement of the furniture disposition which makes the interior dynamic. Colors of interior elements are shades of façade panels color.

On the ground floor there is a self – serving kitchen with solar charged fridge and a prefabricated unisex toilet. On the right side of the entrance zone there is a parking spot. Bike holders are made from light TRIMO metal profiles and they are easily movable. On the left side of the entrance zone there is a spot for repairing and maintaining bicycles

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Bela Palanka, Serbia

Category: Urban Planning and Urban Design

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