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The Green Cycle

No crashes, no flats, no head winds. The bike would be stable, comfortable and a true partner due to its ergonomic structure. Efficiency, speed and power are guaranteed. When cycling on the roads of Vienna one can truly enjoy the birds chirping in the sky.

Designer’s own words:

To make Vienna a sustainable soft city the practice of cycling should be encouraged. Her citizens can be ensured an eco-friendly cycling life by the introduction of green technology in cycling.

The green bicycle I have designed can be made from recycled materials. It will have clear solar panels in its wheels which are equally eco-friendly and stylish. This would definitely make people want to ride. When it runs, the bicycle produces a significant amount of kinetic energy. This energy is stored in the engine or generator. When comfort is prior, the device turns to scooter mode. When a rider is in a mood of exercising he/she can change the cycling mode to exercise mode.

Correct alignment is very important for cycling. Any degree of misalignment causes discomfort. A futuristic ergonomic bike frame is included to make the rider’s posture proper. This bicycle frame is a simple geometric structure made of three triangles. They’re commonly called the Front triangle [stability triangle] and the Rear triangle [comfort triangle].Once the frame is assembled into a full bicycle, a third triangle appears [Efficiency triangle].

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Sarita Rahman

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Category: Design, Fashion and Cycling Equipment

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