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Mobile Experiential Cinema

Mobile Experiential Cinema

Mobile Experiential Cinema is a multi-location projected cinematic experience with live performance, explored while biking, seen through the lens of the mystery genre.
Bring your bike, your curiosity, and your wits. Participants traverse the city by bike, urgently seeking a resolution to an exhilarating mystery-thriller.

For 2012 Northern Spark, we created a participatory cinematic experience that combines film, mobility, theater, sculpture, and sound into a nighttime, Brechtian exploration of urban space by means of a mysterious, narrative film. The project is built around five short episodic segments of a film which will be screened at the locations in which they were filmed. Using a mobile projection tricycle setup, we guided a bicycle-mounted audience through a specific route in Minneapolis. This route included multimedia sound and light installations, live action events, and objects that reappear in real time from the film. The audience become ‘actors’ in the projected film through participation and cell phone technologies Actors embedded in the audience surreptitiously perform in symbiosis with the film’s script, further crossing the boundaries between the real and imagined, the tangible and ephemeral along the route.

By bridging the gap between events happening on a media based level (screen and sound) with physical experiences (theater & sculpture) the audience is mentally and physically pulled into the story. The main actor in the episodic segments directly address the audience and ask them to participate in solving a mystery, and, in so doing, offer an immersive experience for festival-goers. Members of the audience become active investigators. The audience-investigators are directed to search for clues along the route between the screened segments. As the mystery deepens, sounds and objects give insights, and the embedded actors hint at the answers. The film’s main actor reveals more information as the audience proceeds along the route and gets closer to solving the mystery.

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Benjamin Moren

Eden Prairie, United States

Category: Cycling and the Arts

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