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BIke base + cyclist LAB
This bike base, energetically indipendent, is conceveid as an urban cyclist shelter, opened 24h, when you can check up tire pressure, repair the bike, charge your device, have meals or chat with friends.
A dinamyc and flexible space, that would revitalize part of the city. The project combine 3 shipping container and would be a landmark in urban skyline.

The aim of the project is to merge the needs of cyclists with the function of a café creating an urban meeting point.

Dealing with three containers, an issue was to create a composition in which the use of those structures is not visible.

The proposed solution tried to revitalize the park by creating an intimate court shaded from the street but at the same time part of the cycling lane so to create a safe passage to the park.

In order to create a gathering point for fixing bikes and for having a chat, we thought of a small landmark consisting in an upside-down container, covering it with metal net that lets the light pass through as a sort of a urban lighthouse.

The bottom of the “tower” hides a bike laboratory designed to repair bikes, where people can use the communal tools or buy spare parts from the vending machine. This cyclist shelter, open 24/7 and illuminated, is connected to the cafè by a roof that creates a covered space where you can check up your tire pressure.

The tower can also become the pivotal point for all the activities related to cycling, such as charging stations for electric bikes and a Bicike (LJ) point.

In the café, thanks to stable seats that create different types of contexts, there is a dynamic and flexible space, where people may have meals, a friendly chat, or recharge their devices and seek information to experience Ljubljana.

An outdoor wooden platform connects the bike laboratory with the café and creates a space where to stay during the summer season.

Both modules are energetically independent, thanks to solar panels placed on the roof top of the container and the heat exchanger placed in the upper part of the tower.

Enrico Casagni

Matteo Chelazzi

Federico Cheloni

Giulio Margheri

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Matteo Chelazzi

Firenze, Italy

Category: Urban Planning and Urban Design

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