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The Biketrials Vienna Project

The Biketrials Vienna Project

Dear Cycling Visionary Team!
Hereby I would like to submit my application with the ” Biketrials Vienna Project” to the Velocity Cycling Visionaries Awards.
“Biketrials Vienna” is a friendly biker community, and I am really proud that I am the one who started to organise this community in Vienna.
For further details about us, our events and shows visit our website

Dear Cycling Visionary Team!

My name is Lorant Suciaghi and hereby I would like to submit my application to the “Cycling Visionaries Award” with the “Biketrials Vienna” project.

A few words about me: I am a hungarian young man from Vienna, I have ended up here here a about five years ago due to a job. I am a passionate biker I do ride gladly classical citybike for commuting in the city, I do mountainbiking and my main sport is biketrials. What is biketrials? It is an extreme sport that requires good balance and excellent control of the bike as the rider has to pass through different obstacles without setting his foot on the ground.

I have started this sport as a teenager many years ago, I was even part of a team for a while, I did participate at some contests, performed some smaller shows, but I realised that I was not really interested in competition riding.

Even if there were some riders in Vienna this sport was not very common back then and I have set the first milestones of a very successful and friendly riding community. As a foreigner, not knowing anyone here I was simply searching for friends and riding buddies.That`s how I met some riders from other parts of the country and from Vienna. I met people who were interested in the sport and we started to meet and ride together. And new faces kept showing on, people of all ages with different backgrounds and different riding level. There were beginners and advanced bikers. Some of us were riding even motorcycle-trials years ago, while some others have just started. Our mutual interest was to practice riding on different kinds of obstacles, getting more control on the bike and making our sport more popular. We realized that we need to stay somehow tuned and united. This idea gave birth to the Biketrials Vienna Facebook group which turned out to be a great communication platform and is at the moment one of the most active biketrials forum in Austria. We are posting regularly on the Biketrials Vienna Facebook forum information about where and when are we meeting for riding. This system works perfectly.

We even have our website where you can get information about the most active riders of the crew and about our events.

We are growing continuously and at the moment we are around 30 active riders, a multicultural team with different nationalities (Russia, Hungary, Romania, Germany, Austria, Turkey etc).

We have buit up networks and we are in contact with the riders from the other parts of Austria, even with the professional riders. Moreover we have met top riders of the world from Spain, Denmark and Hungary.

We learn thus different cultures and new friendships are created.

We are performing regularly shows at different events, at bike festivals, exhibitions, even in shopping center and we have even invited a world elite rider last year to one of our shows. We are cooperating now with Austrian Trials Sport Federation, this is how we are going to have soon even a biketrials training park on the Danube Island in Vienna. Another big achievment is that we do have an indoor training hall in the centre of the city.

Each of us plays an important role and contributes in his own way to our achievements, and this makes us who we are: the Biketrials Vienna Team..

Our goal is to get our sport more common, to be present it at different events, to inspire and fascinate others, to provide riding techniques, and thus increase safe biking.

Please find attached some fotos of us and 3 videos: the first one is about one of our show, the second is a local contest of our and the third one is a shooting video with Italy`s biggest music TV and radio channel.

Best regards,

Lorant Suciaghi

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