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Cycling – routes in  Vienna

Cycling – routes in Vienna

One of the main reasons, not to use a bike, is the fact that people do not know the existing cycling routes. Once citicens are informed about the existing possibilities, they can see how easy it can be to move to a certain point by bike. The „Radagenda 22“ publishes the most important cycling routes in the 22nd district – Donaustadt, to inform about the well extended net of cycling routes.

The cycling routes are presented in multimedia – versions. You can find the informations under; . There is a detailed description of every route. The different versions for the user are:

1. Classical folder

2. Google Maps

3. GPX – files

4. Videoclips

The presentation in video-clips is unique.

The topmodel MICHAEL GSTÖTTNER is cycling along the most important and most beautiful routes and gives the visitor the impression to move along himself.

The emphasis lies on the fun and pleasure of cycling through Vienna.

Background music and sequences in higher speed shall help to give the impression of an entertaining adventure trip through the city. Additional information to the itinerary and security is inserted at selected points.


– Publicity for cycling in Vienna

– Up-to-date presentation of cycling routes

– Activate new target groups for city-cycling


– itinerary seen from the cyclist´s point of view

– security inserts

– visualisation of points of conflicts or problems

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