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Archway for Amsterdam

Archway for Amsterdam

An epic thirty-feet x forty-foot (30 ft x 40 ft) Landmark archway sculpted from recycled reclaimed bicycle parts would form this dynamic kinetic archway — an Artwork to help create a worldwide message by creating a worldwide destination.

For the Velo Vision award, we wish to create a joyous composition – an elegant, spontaneous work comprised of repurposed used bicycle parts – a visual statement that engages and inspires – a dynamic, architectural-yet-organic permanent landmark artwork in Europe that would captivate the imagination, contributing to sense of place amongst the community. In keeping with Velo Vision’s desire for a visual stimulant to prompt bicycle use, the sculpture would reflect the positive aspects of humanity – art, science, technology, exercise, healthy competition, sportsmanship – in other words, an optimistic world view. In addition, it could power itself using a wind dynamo or solar for lighting and is also ideally suited to incorporate collaborative interactive elements, with local student groups, community bike programs, and/or other partner participation. It would sparkle with its many dimensions, both day and night, drawing attention to the space to make a landmark for people of all ages in Europe and beyond.

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Jos Louwman

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Category: Cycling and the Arts

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