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Cycling Boom, Bike Theft Deterrence

Cycling Boom, Bike Theft Deterrence

Tens of millions of bicycles are being stolen each year. The sad fact is that these bicycles are being bought by peer cyclists. we believe that cyclists wouldn’t buy stolen bikes providing that there is an easy way to identify them. We hope that offering a free bicycle tag with highest durability against removal would provide such a solution and could ruin the market for stolen properties.

Bicycle marking should not cost a lot, Neither for a cyclist with an inexpensive bike nor for municipalitis those who want to offer free tagging/Marking.

At Cyclingboom We have Developed a product that is as low-price as we can offer it free of charge to cyclists just in compensation of few online adds in our website…it means that neither a cyclist nor a city municipality has to pay for bicycle marking.

Cyclists who have just had their bikes stolen, Usually are not psychologically ready to spend a lot on a new bike which is another sitting duck for the thieves. So most of the victims either stop using bicycles for a while or replace it with a used bicycle. As a result for every bike crime there are at least two victims, the one who got a bike stolen and the one who is buying a stolen bike as a used bike. This type of pattern illustrates a concept referred to as a crime multiplier, whereby one offense leads to the commission of several others. By providing a low-cost practical way to identify stolen bikes, we hope to break the sick chain of bike crimes where cyclists themselves are contributing to the crime.

Most of the bicycles come with a frame serial number, the problem however is multiple registry databases in local, national levels which many buyers are not aware of. so having a durable bicycle tag is crucial to provide a link to the registry database.

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Mohsen Saleh

Novate Milanese, Milano, Italy

Category: Advocacy and Social Projects

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