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Kofta Bike Base

Kofta Bike Base is a place where cyclists can cycle-through the entrance to grab a quick snack, stop for a break at the main cafe, repair their bikes and use the free wireless facilities. Consisted of three modular shipping containers, Bike Base can be placed anywhere near cycling paths, parks, or even busy motorways where cyclists need a break from the traffic.

The aim of our project is to create a place that can provide cyclists with fast access to food and refreshments whilst also providing them with a place where they can go for a break to relax and meet up with other cyclists. As a group, KOFTA have designed a ‘bike-through at the front of the entrance unit, where the cyclist can quickly pick up the beverage they would have pre-ordered at home/work, and then continue on their journey. For cyclists who would like to enjoy a break, they would be able park their bike in the bike stand, then go upstairs to the main café. The café will provide free access to wireless internet connection and electrical charging points, as well as a space for relaxation and a space to chat and meet with other cyclists. Downstairs in the ground floor unit there are facilities for bike repairs and

together with the other features of the Bike Base this creates a complete and comfortable experience for every visitor. The eye-catching facade of the three

containers that were combined to create this KOFTA Bike Base unit, effectively used Qbiss panels to entice cyclists to this Bike Base meeting point, which has been created as the perfect solution to every cyclist’s needs.

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Natalia Karvouni

Preston, United Kingdom

Category: Urban Planning and Urban Design

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