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Cinema by Bicycle

Cinema by Bicycle

Cinema by Bicycle (Cinema de Bicicleta) – Bicycle Tool in the democratic structure of Cineclub
From the observation of the experience of Cineclub Mate com Angu and “Ciclo Cinema” (Recicloteca) comes the inspiration to the realization of Cinema de Bicicleta. With the goal to use the language of cinema to speak of human relationships from the cycling culture.

The Cinema de Bicicleta started in 2010, with monthly screenings (every second Wednesday of the month) that had the purpose of bringing people together and celebrating the bicycle. The sessions occurred inside the Pedal2 Store, in the neighborhood of Flamengo – Rio de Janeiro, showing films where the bicycle appeared somehow, always giving priority to the display of national and free short productions. The project brought together around 60 people including guests, passersbys, cyclists, cycloactivists, etc.

With sessions designed to the general public, film Bicycle collected some fruits, such as holding new film productions exhibited in their sessions, and working for the realization of a national festival aggregating bicycle culture in Brazil.

Currently, the Cinema de Bicicleta is about to return in southern Brazil, in São Francisco do Sul at Santa Catarina state. The event provides for besides viewing the movies (7th Art) unifying the arts of gastronomy, photography and music. Among their goals, we can highlight: Activate the bike in the memory of the people; Create and disseminate collections; stimulate new productions, and fraternize.

The Cinema de Bicicleta still offers to the hosting places, as a counterpart for their realization, the development of a Mobility Plan by Bicycle (furniture, safe routes and communications plan).

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