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Green Way Terzolle – a series of action to design the landscape


This work of resarch starts from the necessity to re-think a part of the city outside the historical center of Florence, in a system that involved the area of Novoli and Rifredi. A part of the landscape that, still today, shows the town as a complex human structure in which we recognized pieces and fragments of time. Inside that space, we note that a linear element of water, Terzolle, offers the possibility to regenerate the area. Mentioned in the “Structural Plan 2012”, this green passage is like a backbone that gives a concrete experience and knowledge of the city. The area is divided into four category, urban space, green space, mobility and collective structure to value and start to decide how to move on that complexity.

The proposal aim for create a system to establish relationships whit parts of the city which are now separeted between them. The torrent, as a new bike path, become a line score in which insert a series of action to design the landscape. The result is an abaco of solution to project the space between the city and the natural element of the flood. The tradition of Italian garden, Michelucci, Porcinai and Detti’s works are renovated in a series of minimal elements working on section, trying to project public space.

Open rooms, urban design, a new garden, a green arbor, a linear element for bike sharing are like fragments into a greenway system of mobility that define a “passage” to narrate the city from a different point of view.

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giacomo dallatorre

Florence, Italy

Category: Urban Planning and Urban Design

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