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OHkeo, design and innovation

OHkeo, design and innovation

In OHkeo we focus on innovative customization of bicycles with a variety of designs in a sustainable way. Identity, individuality and personal image meet in OHkeo providing a new, fresh form of locomotion.
With OHkeo you can offer your designs and images, update your bicycle to the latest trends and become a “fashion victim” of your bike.

Customizing the bicycle has become a staple for everyday cycling. The bicycle has evolved from being used in a sports context into an urban means of transport. In OHkeo we are aware of the rider’s identification with his environment and the use of the bicycle as an extension of his body and his understanding of life.

For this reason we focus on customizing your bike with design; styling and equipping components which were never before thought of.

OHkeo´s goal is to make more attractive and profitable the use of the bicycle as a sustainable conveyance for both individuals and enterprises as well as public or private institutions. OHkeo presents the bicycle as a new communication, image and advertising channel.

“OHkeo” is the registered graphic support for spoke wheels. It is basically a piece of durable material designed to be easily adapted to the wheels with spokes, whose surface is printed or graphic information inserted. The OHkeo is easy to install and uninstall, without having to dismantle the wheel. It can be attached with clamps and is also reusable. The cleft designed allows tire inflation and the use of bicycle chains or other anti-theft systems, while the radial cutting facilitates its adaptation to the different geometries of the spokes.

The end result is a custom bike to the taste of individuals as well as a new advertising support visually stunning, with multiple combinations (two wheels and four sides, so it extends the creative possibilities of communication) associated with an agile, recreational, athletic, healthy and clean conveyance expanding. Some of its features are:



-unlimited design



-adaptable to fashion

-green marketing

-great visibility



-special designs

-multiple combinations

There are unlimited manufacturing options for OHkeos depending on the needs:

– Either opaque or transparent base, for a lasting result.

– Laminated cardboard base, for temporary use.

– Digital printing with photographic quality.

– Supports with 3D printing.

– Reflective and luminous devices for increased night time visibility and impact; even still image effect with the wheels in motion.

– Hidden acoustic devices with movement or distance sensor.

– Design combination between front and back wheels as well as right and left wheels.

– Special supports that can release perfume with the turning motion of the wheels.

OHkeo also promotes the creativity of young designers. Whoever wishes to design an OHkeo can later sell it through our online store under an agreed chosen price or design it for one’s own use. In this case the custom designs must be sent to us and will be received in a short time in your home.

As for the administration: OHkeo contributes to public administration, the possibility of encouraging the use of less polluting means of transport and the ability to roll back some of the investment through messages aimed to users with OHkeo bikes, getting a much greater impact than through other more conventional and standard advertising channels. This is because this is a way of advertising that is not only being seen but also USED.

The control that is obtained by the Administration, through a good advertising planning with OHkeo, has nothing to do with other campaigns already carried out. The social image and the media impact that is obtained, makes OHkeo the best communication tool of government towards its citizens.

This is a project that is now operational, with patents in Europe, Asia and the U.S. and expects a global movement in the use of a sustainable means of transport and communication.

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