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Hospedaria da Bike -Bicycle Culture

Hospedaria da Bike -Bicycle Culture

With the objective of becoming a reference point for cyclists in the area, HB comes to consolidate itself as the house of bicycle culture at São Francisco do Sul. Offering services that range from consultancy to roadmapping / custom circuits and specialized mechanics, the Hospedaria da Bicicleta seeks to strengthen the bicycle culture and consolidate the urban cycle tourism in the region.

The company that has just been created (May 2012) is the result of a sum of experiences of their owners and of willingness to recognition and strengthening the culture of cycling. We work with everything involving bicycle culture, from mobility to mechanics, and we have as one of our main goals to strengthen this culture here in São Francisco do Sul and region.

Presently we are involved in the development of cycling circuit of São Francisco do Sul, organizing a challenge of regularity cycling, and also the first session of Cinema de Bicicleta (film club that existed in Rio and now we brought it here) as well as creating and maintaining the bicycle map of São Francisco do Sul and other specific actions related to mobility by bike in the city.

The Hospedaria da Bicicleta also offers services of: Custom Cycling Receptive, Assistance to Development Routes / Personalized Circuits and Cycle Trips, Specialized Mechanics, Cyclist Support Services, Events / Cycling Races, guide / specialized conductor, Mapping of routes for bicycle touring and competitions, Hosting in the bed and breakfast style, as well as any events that involve cycling culture.

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Gabriela Binatti Souza

São Francisco do Sul, Brazil

Category: Science, Research and Development

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