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Ciclopaseos del Ecuador

Ciclopaseos del Ecuador

Ciclopaseos del Ecuador aims to make bicycles, as well as public spaces in which to ride them, more readily available for Ecuadorian citizens. The overall goal of Ciclopaseos is to generate safe and environmentally friendly spaces for public recreation, to provide education surrounding public health and street coexistence, and to promote social inclusion.

Fundación Ciclopaseos del Ecuador, in collaboration with CiclóPolis del Ecuador, strives to regain public spaces, promote the protection of the environment, and educate Ecuadorian citizens on the benefits of community building and physical activity. The main project through which Ciclopaseos actualizes its objectives consists of mass, non-motorized recreational activities that include the closing of particular streets and avenues to vehicular traffic each Sunday to enable them specifically for pedestrian, cyclist, and other non-motorized use. Awareness campaigns, including those concerning healthy living, street consciousness, and citizen participation accompany these weekly activities. As a national activity, Ciclopaseos currently has operations in five cities throughout Ecuador, with the main foundation in Quito and branches in Santo Domingo, Ibarra, Zamora, and Ambato. Various ministries of the government of Ecuador are helping to support Ciclopaseos, including the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health.

Through these community wide events, we promote healthy life styles through the creation and use of new options for active and healthy mobility; design and implement proposals for the appropriation of public spaces by the citizens; encourage the increase and diversification of sports and physical activity; seek to improve the coexistence between different urban stakeholders; and promote and provide the good use of free time for young people.

Ciclopaseos offers to communities the opportunity to participate in physical activity without restrictions due to cost, social class, age, etc. The recovery and democratization of public spaces is a major objective of Ciclopaseos, which includes the promotion of a healthy environment through diminishing the damaging effects of particulate matter expelled by motorized vehicles, etc.; the promotion of a healthy community by diminishing the social gap created by the privelage associated with motorized vehicles and uniting community members in a fun and beneficial use of their time; and the promotion of healthy citizens by way of weekly physical excercise and a feeling of social inclusion in a city-wide activity.

Ciclopaseos strives to improve environmental conditions by reducing noise within the city, the improving air quality by replacing motorized-vehicles, and contributing to the protection of the environment by reducing the carbon footprint (along with the exploitation of other valuable resources).

This project not only seeks to reduce the damaging environmental effects of motorized-vehicles, but also strives to diminish the social gap created by the privileged use of such vehicles and create equity within communities. The creation of jobs and opportunities offered through short-term and long-term contracts through Ciclopaseos also has a positive effect on the social gap.

Although not a foremost goal of Ciclopaseos, the community events also allow citizens the opportunity to tour areas of cultural and architectural importance, and to safely travel to places traditionally exclusive to vehicles. They also promote a good use of free time, in the sense of the time spent is beneficial to the environment, participants themselves, and the community.

All in all, we seek to generate secure recreational spaces that serve to respect the environment and improve the general public health. Our efforts to increase the health of Ecuador´s people and environment are reflected through a community activity to not only promote mobility and sustainability, but also community education and cohesion. In less words, through the promotion of the use of the bicycle, we strive to increase the quality of living for all participants.

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Diego Puente Corral

Quito, Ecuador

Category: Advocacy and Social Projects

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