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Trimo Urban Crash

This is a design of bicycle station that is designed as a multi-purpose facility on two levels.

Bicycle station is designed as a multi-purpose facility on two levels.


Purpose: service, parking and rest.

Two containers on the lower level are connected to allow passage through both. Two sides of containers are closed with black Trimo panels . Row of transparent orange Aglas Plexiglas plates arranged at an angle of 110 degrees is placed at the front and back side. Between these plates are implanted bicycle holder for parking , so it is possible to park them outside and inside of the building, in case of bad weather.


Purpose: rest and energy.

The dynamism of the building makes the design of the upper level. Transparent fenced terrace invites to rest, and enjoy the natural environment and beautiful view. Container covered with orange Trimo panels with a large cutout on the front view, closed with gray transparent Aglas Plexiglas. Inside the container are machines for refreshments, benches and tables. Inside of the upper container is possible to charge the phones or computers, because the roof is made of solar panels.

Colors and shapes of the building are designed in a nice contrast that belongs to the surroundings.

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Olivera Čović

Belgrade, Serbia

Category: Urban Planning and Urban Design

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