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Fair dialog pedestrians - cyclists

Fair dialog pedestrians – cyclists

There is often not enough space in town, so people with different interests have to share the same place which sometimes leads to problems. The project “Fair Use Dialog” aims to initiate a fair use dialog between pedestrians and cyclists. Suggestions for improvements, awareness and behaviour have been collected locally in order to improve the coexistence of cyclists and pedestrians.

The “Viennese Donaukanal“ is an centrally located area for recreation offside the traffic and the dense city center. Especially during the warm season many people like to walk or cycle along the waterfront or meet at the restaurants or bars. The route is frequented by cyclists because of the direct connection without traffic lights (cycling Velo Route).

In the central part of the area, where many people with different interests have to share the same place, it sometimes leads to problems or even to uncomfortable situations.

In order to improve together the situation and the use of the public space, the project “Fair use Dialog” aimed to initiate a dialog between pedestrians and cyclists. During a “day of fairness” in 2011 different attractions took place to remember everybody being fair, careful and paying attention to each other. did 2011 a collection of improvements for a fair coexistence and contributes to make walking more attractive – together with the needs of the cyclists in this area. To communicate the needs of children and the group of elderly people has been one main focus of this “day of fairness” – an initiative to share public space together – with respect.

To get impressions have a look at the pictures enclosed.

Flyers of fairness have been distributed; a “cloud of public opinion” has been generated together with the walkers and the cyclists. Surveys to get wishes and needs of pedestrians have been done during the “day of fairness”.

Further first actions have been suggested and a short concept of investigations and potential has been worked out to improve infrastructure and a better coexistence.

The” fairness day” pedestrians together with cyclists was done first time in 2011 and will be continued 2013 – together with the VIENNA-MOBILITÄTSAGENTUR – on the base of experiences have been made.

Concept and realisation: DI Dieter Schwab, DI Martina Strasser;

The project was implemented together with the IGF (Interessensgemeinschaft Fahrrad) and supported by the city of Vienna (MA28) – together with Cornelia Ehmayer.

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