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FABIKE the Flexibly Adjustable Bike

Only with a FABIKE you will be able to have several high-end bicycles in one.

FABIKE is made up of international people spread across Europe. ​Driven by passion and innovation, ours is a young team of professionals with many years of experience in different fields.

We think that for today’s demanding cyclists one high-end bicycle is not enough.

Our mission is to introduce a new category into the bicycle market. Not only a road bike, not only an urban bike, not only on off-road bike, but a bicycle that can satisfy all these needs and more without compromising on lightweight, design and technology.

No matter if your way is flat or hilly, no matter if your road is smooth or rough, no matter if you feel like riding aggressively or leisurely, the FABIKE will always be able to adjust according to your wishes, needs or mood.

All this is possible thank to a unique design of the frame and a proprietary patent about the rear dropouts.

In addition, we also designed some of the components to optimize the flexibility of the bike, as the flip-flop rear hub, the chainring, the brakes and the brake levers.

We think of FABIKE as an uncompromising way to change the ride and we strongly believe that the future of bicycling is flexibility.

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Fabio Putzolu

Prague, Czech Republic

Category: Design, Fashion and Cycling Equipment

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