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DU hast ein schönes Rad!

DU hast ein schönes Rad!

\”Du hast eine schönes Rad!\” it´s a versatile event with multiple actions all around two wheels and a saddle, from superheroes to the kids. \”Du hast ein schönes Rad!\” is a event concept that shows over interactive elements the relationship to the own bike of the participants and promote all the needs for a save ride. The event was held one time in 2010.

DU hast ein schönes Rad!

Miss Bunny Hop and her partner Lady NacNac – were invited to Vienna. They two know that a bike is not just a bike. No, it’s more, can be a friend somehow a companion on your way. This should be celebrated and awarded. Show your attachment, your special relationship with your bike- come in partner look and catch the super prize.

Lady Nac Nac and Miss Bunny Hop are the bicycle –superheroes who invited the crowd. They two girls are the first superheroes on bikes and their special names are inspired by BMX bike tricks. The two leading figures move all over the world, from time to time they visit the cities to help the bikers, train them to be save and inspire them to get into a sort of symbiosis wit their bikes.

At the day of the event they want to have all the kids, together on one place, no matter where they come from or which language they speak. They all have the possibility to come dressed up in combination with their bike. Also the children can do some accessory by handicraft work on location.

The children can create their own style and can show their great closeness to their bikes

A main part of this bike event is a parkour which is created for the kids and their special dexterity. They can train their skills and can prove what they already be able to show. But the most important part is of course the joy and to conjure up a smile on their faces. The range of motivation, how they handle the parkour and the creative style, which is unique will be awarded. Every participant is part of the whole and all together create the feeling of the event and so everybody gets a small price.

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Yvonne Kaufmann Kristina Kölblinger

Vienna, Austria

Category: Advocacy and Social Projects

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