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About 300 bicycles are endangered. To avoid it, we want to carry out the project SAVE THE BIKES, which allows giving them a new chance, a new use. The project also aims to promote a new form of sustainable and healthy mobility in our environment, thanks to the work that we will do from LUB (Laboratorio Urbano de la Bicicleta).

More than 5000 people cross everyday the Spain – Gibraltar border, both workers and occasional tourists. In spite of the fact that the distances are not too long, bicycle is not people’s first choice.

However, for people who want to spend little time in going through customs, bicycles begin to be considered, with the disadvantage that quite often, due to illegal activities, they are confiscated and never claimed by their owners.

From LUB, Laboratorio Urbano de la Bicicleta, we have designed the project “SAVE THE BIKES”, with the objective of finding another use for these bicycles, giving them a new life, and trying to get the encouragement and thrill from people around us.

If you find this project interesting and engaging, you are invited to cooperate by voting our initiative and so, helping us to get this rescue launching LUB.

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Veronica Soria Cantudo

La Linea de la Concepcion – Cadiz, Spain

Category: Advocacy and Social Projects

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