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Invisible Bike Lanes

Invisible Bike Lanes

The project is to capture photographs of the invisible bike paths daily built by us – cyclists visible – and often are invisible too!

My name is Michelle Castilho,I am a photographer,Journalist ,cyclist and the author of “Invisible Bike Lane”.

Invisible Bike Lane was a Project completion of course presented to the Media Integrated College Helio course as a partial requirement for obtaining my journalist degree.The project was submitted in March 2012 and as a result I achieved a pass mark of 10 in my final evaluation.

My aim is to capture the invisible bike paths taken by cyclists. The idea came to me from my daily journeys through the street of Rio de Janeiro, where the presence of bike lanes are still far below the actual requirement for the number of cyclists, forcing us to cycle in close proximity to motorised vehicles.

Before I became an avid cyclist I paid little attention to the number of cyclist on the streets, or their plight, fighting for space amid the congested traffic. As a photographer, I thought that his photographic study would be an effective way to identiy and bring to the attention of the government and the general public.

Although I have completed and presented my thesis, I refuse to lay it to rest as it has been my great pleasure to undertake and complete this project,because it fueles two of my life passions, photography and a cycling.

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Michelle Pederneiras de Castilho

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Category: Cycling and the Arts

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