Cycling Visionaries Awards – Project Details


BikeTrip! (Future Development)

BikeTrip! ( allows cyclists to promote the good, the not so good and the bad experiences of cycling in their city by submitting locations with or without photos to a map on a website directly or via their smartphone. We want to extend the platform to log bike trips and detect good, problematic and missing routes.

In many cities, (even in Munich, which promotes cycling heavily and where BikeTrip! has been developed) cyclists have to battle against many barriers to a problem-free trip. Examples are missing, confusing or contradictory signs and street markings, very narrow bike paths or paths that end abruptly. And that’s not to mention safety problems like poor parking facilities, bike theft, and in the worst case accidents. At the same time many cities are seeking ways to make the urban environment more welcoming to cyclists. We believe the best way to get the necessary information is directly from cyclists themselves.

I am a PhD student at a Transportation Institute at a university in Munich (TUM), but BikeTrip! has been built by myself and my wife Birgit in our free time. The current version allows cyclists to mark problematic locations with a few touches or clicks via the website or Apps for iPhone, Android and Bada smartphones. We would like to extend this version to gather entire GPS-traces (routes) and accelerometer information of cyclists through the city. With this information we would develop techniques to detect good, well-used routes, routes with problems (e.g. missing segments or bumpy surfaces) and routes that would be useful but don’t exist (based on start- and end-points).

If I were to win the award, I would use the time in Vienna to look for partners and supporters for building the route-gathering version.

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