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Ride-to-gather: a cyclist hub

It is an entertaining hub for cyclists, a node of various networks of bikeways in the area. It is a spiral system of semi-enclosed bikeways that shelters cyclists while bringing fun to the experience. It contains repair shops, cycling café, convenience stores, and an outdoor cinema. Cyclists and pedestrians follow different paths so cyclists can enjoy cycling without unnecessary constraints.


The design for the cycling hub attempts to demonstrate how cycling facilities can be integrated into the society in a smooth and considerate way. Many parks in Hong Kong do not include bike lanes, and there is no substantial infrastructure dedicated to cyclists. Because the cycling hub is elevated on water, it can fit within any unconnected cycling track networks in Hong Kong. The design aims to create an opportunity for cyclists to have a relaxing time while maintaining efficiency riding their bicycles. The aim of this building is to improve the living qualities of the locals, enriching cycling experience by providing an infrastructure that welcomes cyclists and pedestrians, a linkage that connects riders together and promoting cycling culture.


As a building to serve cyclists, the concept began with merging cycling tracks from different directions into a spiral circulation down towards the river level (which to be renovated into a riverfront park), hence create a connection not only between cyclists, but to the urban context and community.


The cycling hub includes bike repair shops, cycling café, convenience stores, and an outdoor cinema, all of which are accessible by bikes. They are connected by a continuous sheltered bikeway which guides cyclists to riverfront. Pedestrian walkway is separated from bikeway in the center so efficiency of cycling is maintained.


The inside-outside interaction is based on the different speed of pedestrians and cyclists. Transparency is clear between both sides. The perspectives of cyclists keep changing during cycling, and a panorama view of the surroundings is achieved through the spiral experience.

Tectonic +detail

The building structure is also modified to increase its bike friendliness, by splitting a normal 300mm diameter column into pair of 150mm diameter. The structures also act as bike parking systems. Bikes can be placed on the bar between the two columns easily. By aligning pairs of columns in perpendicular order when aligned in a grid, structure stiffness is also increased.

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Linus Cheng

Kowloon, Hong Kong

Category: Urban Planning and Urban Design

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