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Ljubljana Bike Base

The idea of our proposal is to create a sort of pit stop for all bicycle users
composed from modular units or shipping containers. It provides a shelter
for cyclers, a place where they could meet, refresh and rest.

Bike base offers self-service repair tools and electric bicycles charging.

The program of the project also contains small coffie-bar-like space, where refreshments (coffie, tee, bottled water or other drinks) and snacks are offerd. Free WiFi and computer/mobile charging is provided for all wisitors of the Bike base.

Our idea for the project was to affect the area as little as possible. So that is why our object is lifted from the floor. It hangs on steel wires attached on the high steel column and on the North – West side it leans on the terrain. This way the pedastrian path is kept undisturbed and a shelter for bycicle parking along the terrain is made. Around the column the tools for self repair are placed. They are hanging on wires wich bicyclers pull down from the bottom of the modular unit /shipping container. There is an electric bike charger attached to the colum. This way the whole service of the ride takes place in some kind of a drive by.

After the repair the bicycler can lock his bike and climb up the round steel staircase to modular units/shipping container.

Two modular units/shipping containers are used in this project. One is completley closed. On the street side with closed fascade, where is a possibility of advertising home made products/places/events, what would cover some expenses of the Bike base. The other three sides are closed with glass.

In this modular unit/shipping container the Coffie bar is placed. The bars counter is made from white acrylic sheet and is an extension of the wall. Behind the wall is a storage for the energy collected by the photovoltaic panells which are placed on the roof of both modular units. Also, all the appliances (coffie maschine, WiFi router, TV, computer/mobile chargers) are built in the wall. The circular cut-outs are illuminated with different colors of light, so the mood of the ambient can be easily changed.

The second modular unit is closed with glass on two sides, for the wind blockage. There are round steel stairs placed on the edge, which provide accsess from the lover level (from the pedastrian sidewalk). This modular unit represents covered terrace, which is continued to open terrase towards the park.

The open terrace is placed on the terrain and is connecting the Bike base with the park, which becomes more vibrant than it was until now. The terrace is made from steel construction (for the frame) and wooden floorboards. The whole object is rotated so the stairs do not disturbe the pedastrians and also creates more attractive ambients from every side people approach it.

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Aleksandra Šmajdek, Tina Tepina

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Category: Urban Planning and Urban Design

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