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IZZY - no chain, 2 wheel drive bike

IZZY – no chain, 2 wheel drive bike

The first prototype of the revolutionary IZZY – folding, 2wheel drive bike without a chain.

Hello world! It’s time for a bike revolution!
There’s all kinds of bikes out there: sporty, practical, vintage, slim, confortable, solid, 3wheel.
Still none of them is ideal.
But check this out! The first prototype of the revolutionary IZZY bike.
There’s no chain. This makes it cleaner, incredibly agile and easy to fold.
You’ll get used to taking IZZY along everywhere,
No chain also means no energy loss, so your ride is much effective! Add in the 29inch wheels and the GEARS and there you have it – a perfect bike for all conditions!
You can even install an 2WHEEL DRIVE for easier riding on slippery terrain.
And it’s so cozy! Your body sits in a perfectly comfortable position, pedaling is easy and you have a better visibility around you.
Plus! We discovered how to make the front wheel drive stable – the bike has a great ballance and you can even ride it with no hands!
The magic happens here – two steel cables running from the front wheel disc to the frame pivot CONTROL the steering, and REDUCE the impact of forces that act upon the bike while pedaling. This innovative steering system makes the bike balanced & easy to fold – and we received an international patent for it.
Help us to develop our prototype, try out new materials and launch IZZY on the market.
Spread the word and let’s start the bike revolution together.

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Marta Jurek
Warsaw, Poland

Category: Design, Fashion and Cycling Equipment

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