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BLINKERGRIPS for active road safety

BLINKERGRIPS for active road safety

BlinkerGrips are innovative bike handles with integrated LEDs, whose primary function is to act as integrated direction indicators and side marker lights. Benefits: increased visibility & cyclists safety in traffic; simple installation & easy thumb operation; slim ergonomic design of premium quality; crash & impact resistant, splash-proof, lock-on system; battery & dynamo operated.


Despite constant technical improvements of bicycles, cyclists safety remains one challenging issue, particularly in poor light and visibility conditions. Cyclists can be easily overlooked by other road users, especially when turning corners or being overtaken by another vehicle.


Our idea was to design retrofit and ergonomic bicycle grip, suitable for everyday use, that would considerably contribute to cyclists safety. We have developed BlinkerGrips, innovative bike handles with integrated LEDs, whose primary function is to act as integrated direction indicators and side marker lights.


Our goal is to enrich the cyclists market with new product, that actively supports the cyclists and increases their safety on the road. When cycling at dusk, during night or in poor weather conditions, bright glowing handle ends are clearly visible to other road users and as such minimize the risk of reduced visibility of cyclists and consequently accidents related to poor visibility.


BlinkerGirps can operate on battery or dynamo and can be installed on all standard bicycle handlebars. They are easily mounted and maintained. Premium quality in combination with sophisticated slim ergonomic design with a sturdy wrist rest make BlinkerGrips comfortable to use. With simple thumb operation BlinkerGrips can be used as side marker lights or direction indicators. To turn on the appropriate indicator you use your thumb to press and release the button on the respective side of the handlebar. The indicator will flash orange for about 15 seconds and will then turn off by itself. To switch on or off the side marker lights, you need to press and hold the button for 5 seconds. BlinkerGrips have integrated safety feature to protect the batteries. If the button is not pressed for a period of ten minutes, the side marker lights will turn off automatically. BlinkerGrips are splash-proof and crash or impact resistant. Furthermore, the lock-on system allows a snug fit and anti-theft protection. BlinkerGrips are designed to enhance visibility of cyclists in road traffic and increase their safety.


We are a start up company from Switzerland. We have successfully tested the prototype and concluded market research. We have received very positive feedback on BlinkerGrips. We are currently in the process of setting up production and commencing with commercial activities. We are seeking financial support and resources to actualize our idea. Participation at Vienna Velo-city 2013 would help us bring our product to the people.

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Niko Jaernberg – Small Innovations GmbH

Thayngen, Switzerland

Category: Design, Fashion and Cycling Equipment

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