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Volunteers buy with their bicycles food from a grocery for other persons. The cyclists receive some extra money from the clients and sales discount for their own food shopping at the grocery. This service takes place in a village or urban settlement where the cyclists use the nearest food grocery to buy food for the clients. Also offices and other workspaces can contact the cyclists to get food.


The idea of a mobile shopping service uses the bicyle as a transport vehicle for food shopping for various clients, who are not able to do their shopping on their own or for clients who want to save time and money.


A volunteer (child or adult person) receives shopping lists by e-mail or telephone from different persons from a village or an urban settlement. To complete the whole food shopping, the cyclist drives with the collected shopping lists at a certain time each day (once or twice) to the nearest grocery. The cyclist himself receives 10 % sales discount for his own shopping from the grocery. With a big bicycle basket the cyclist is able to store the whole shopping for all his clients and then he can drive to them and distribute the different things. At first the cyclist pays at the grocery and then the clients have to pay for their shopping the minute the cyclist returns with the products they ordered. At the same time the cyclist is able to earn some extra money from the clients.


Cyclists can also deliver offices and other workstations with food or snacks during lunchtime. The employees order from Monday till Friday in the morning the food they want by e-mail or telephone. The cyclists come to their offices with the food at noon.


Not every person has to drive to a grocery by car. This service saves money and fuel and also protects the environment. The cyclist is not only able to earn some extra money, he also gets sales discount for his own food shopping. The appropriate grocery receives regular customers because the cyclists come every day with new shopping lists.



bicycle basket or backpack


Every Person (independent of age) who volunteers for this shopping service and owns a bicycle.

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Julia Kopitschek

Irnfritz, Austria

Category: Advocacy and Social Projects

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