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Pedalando ma non troppo

The objective of the project is to collectively create and perform a musical piece in the city, in which rhythms created by each participant will be mixed together as the bicycles circulate through the city.
A tone generator will be distributed and placed in the frames of 100 bicycles. The combination of rhythms and tones will create a melody ruled by the speed position of each of the bicycles.

A tone generator controlled by four photo-reflective sensors will be placed in the frame of the 100 bicycles. This device can generate four different tones that can be individually adjusted by each person.

Each time that a reflector triggers a sensor, a tone is generated. By arranging the reflectors in the wheel, each participant can compose a sequence in which the tones should be played.

The basic composition can be further modified through a sequencer included in the device that allows the creation of four different musical measures. In this way is possible to add variety.

Through the collaboration of the bicyclists, the different tones and sequences will be interactively mixed together, creating a melody that accelerates and de-accelerates according to the speed of the bicycles. The name of the project resembles the annotations used to determine the tempo of a piece, as the speed of the pedaling will determine the rhythm of the music.

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Juan Carlos Carvajal Bermúdez

Wien, Austria

Category: Cycling and the Arts

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