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Modular bike base

Modular bike base made from containers units cutted in to three pieces. The main adventage of this sollution is possibilty to conform to area and people needs. Originally designed on the north artery of Ljubljana called Dunajska cesta.

A meeting point for cyclists, a place for refreshment and rest, servicing bicycles and electrical bicycles, free wireless internet connection, charging batteries for computers, mobile phones, charging for electrical bicycles and motorcycles- these are the aims for on the north artery of Ljubljana called Dunajska cesta . The main point was to make some unconventional, useful place for cyclists. There they will be able to have a rest, change the clothes and take care about the bikes.

First question was: what can I make with this kind of containers units?

The decision was to cut each of containers in to three pieces, but it wasn’t usual simple cutting. How was the cutting made is shown in the video in link. With this cutting we receive three completely different pieces in which we can put our functions in many combinations. What’s more there is many possibilities to put them together in many orders and also connect them.

There will be five main function inside: bike places, repair place with space for charging for electrical bicycles and motorcycles, toilet, refreshment place, coffee and coffee machine with place for charging batteries for computers, mobile phones.

The three containers to cut means nine pieces to use. The plan is to put them in one line on the new path created for this bike base. The guidelines for the pieces are on circle with five meters distance on perimeter between them.

The solar panels can be placed on the roof of each containers to produce the electricity. Water can be storage in the special places under the roof.

This idea is functional and it can suit to many different places and also can be replicated everywhere where is needed. It gives opportunity to conform to the people requirements.

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Małgorzata Wawrzyniak

Wschowa, Poland

Category: Urban Planning and Urban Design

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