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What is NGONTHEL ?
“Ngonthel” in Indonesia means CYCLING . It is kind of old bicycle which is used by old Indonesian as an old transportation use around the city. In this project, we would like to propose a new design of “cycle way” around the city to improve the cycling habit such as the activity to “bike to work” and many more.


Jakarta as the main city of Indonesia is really crowded and most people use private car and motorcycle as the main transportation which made Jakarta always has the traffic jam all around the city everyday and of course not healthy for the pedestrian and the bicycle user.

“ngonthel” habits were popularized by Dutch colonialism and Jakarta used to have bike ways around the city because most people used bicycle as the main personal transportation.

But now only a few bike tracks in Jakarta . The major of Jakarta ever made the bike track. But it was useless because it is used just for Parking and motorway

The government of Jakarta has made an idea to improve ngonthel as a habit in Jakarta such as ” CAR FREE DAY ” in CBD of Jakarta every sunday.



Nowadays, Jakarta is connected by the bus by name “TRANSJAKARTA” as the public transportation which most people use in ever day life

All transjakarta buses are the connector all around the district at Jakarta

It has its own way called “BUSWAY” made by the government so that it can be used only for Trans Jakarta and become the different way from other vehicles on the streets

If the Trans Jakarta can have its own way, then “ONTHEL” should have its own way too !

By using Trans Jakarta way as the GENERAL AXIS to make “cycleway” or Jakarta’s Ngonthel

The Urban design of Jakarta’s Ngonthel is to make a second layer above the busway (around 5 meters above) as the cycleway.

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Virra Larasati & Aurelia


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Virra Larasati & Aurelia

Jakarta, Indonesia

Category: Urban Planning and Urban Design

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