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Container building

To create a bike base was the title of the project where I have submitted my one. The construction had to include maximum 3 containers with service, refreshment place and rack part. A quite sustainable building was the main aspect of the planning, wherein sewage system, heating-cooling and electricity solutions had to be involved in.

The bike base has 4 volumes: bike rack, service, sitting place and the bar. 3 parts of these volumes allow the visual relationship between the urban placement in the surrounding and the environment. The forth one includes supplementary function, with the controller of solar cells and collectors, besides the service has been placed also there. Building sitting serves to the solar systems wich ensure current and warm water supplies of the building. Next to the construction appears square installation: the increasing density concrete mosaics indicates for all the people passing by -either cyclist or pedestrians- that they are getting closer to the base. When the people reach the building an information map on the north elevation shows sights of Ljubljana.

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Eszter Papp

Zákányszék, Hungary

Category: Urban Planning and Urban Design

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