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reframe. recycles and transforms used bicycle tubes and tires into unique and individual belts and other fabulous fashion accessoires. This recycling process helps to minimize trash mountains and contributes to the awareness of sustainable fashion.


The project deals with the popular „3R“ concept in the field of waste management in combination with modern and sustainable design and the increasing hype around bicycling. The well known 3Rs stand for reduce, reuse and recycle – meant is the growing amount of waste surrounding us.


The idea behind reframe is the deconstruction of meanings of everyday goods. Specialized on used bike tires and inner tubes reframe. deconstructs the purpose of those old and worn-out parts and makes something completly new and different out of them. In this project belts, keyrings, earrings, bracelets and other fabulous things are produced in a resource-conserving and waste-minimizing handcrafting process. Of course all tires are cleaned with an eco-friendly detergent.


As mentioned above all manufactured bike tires and inner tubes are used and have their own history which is visible on their tread according to the covered distances on different surfaces and terrains. In combination with partly new partly second hand belt buckles, screws and bolts unique and fashionable accessoires arise from the waste. This upcycling process assures that no reframe.-product exists twice – they are all unique and individual. The belts i.g. are cutted to the appropriate length and fitted to the needed size which makes them even more personal and of course they are undestroyable as most bicycle tires are produced with a kevlar texture.


Even if there is the positive fact that more and more people are using bicycles as a means of transport we also have to look at the side effects which is among others the increasing waste caused by worn-out bike tires. The concept of upcycling those materials is just a small but efficient and stylish attempt to minimize the growing trash mountains surrounding us.

With this in mind: reduce – reuse – recycle – reframe!

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Reinhard Jakits

Vienna, Austria

Category: Design, Fashion and Cycling Equipment

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