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Events from the bike trailer. A multifunctional event and environmental tool whose infrastructure can be transported with five bicycles.


NOMATARK organizes openairs for cyclists and bicycle enthusiasts. NOMATARK openairs are small cultural events in the countryside or in the green. Be it in an urban context in a park in a city, or outside of a town out in the country: NOMATARK transports it’s self in a CO2-neutral way and prepares its mobile solar powered plants around the disignated site making solar energy into electrical energy. NOMATARK Openairs include film screenings, live soccer TV broadcasts, parties with DJs, live acts, small bands and performances. The tool covers all the technical units that are necessary for such an event. From solar panels, inverters, batteries, cables, to a mixer, a DJ booth, two MK 5 turntables, a microphone and an active amplified sound system. A tent, a beamer and natural light for the night part of the infrastructure.

The five e-bikes are used not only to transport the entire infrastructurebut also to produce „enhanced“ production of electricity. They e-bikes have been converted with the help of an electrician to mobile muscle powered generator and can now be used at night to interactively control the disco light. When the sungoes down, the dancing guests become an important part of the generator by sitting onto the bikes and pumping up it up with their muscle.. During the day the Xtracycles are equipt with the pedal shakers of “Rock the Bike”, meaning the smoothie bar, is trigered by the guests in this way that they put their muscles to the test to mix their own drinks at the bar.

With the solar batteries fully charged during the day, at night, the infrastructure is fully loaded and can be used up to ten hours of non-stop operation. Guests and artists travel exclusively on their own bikes, for example at a previously joint bike ride through town and country.

The infrastructure is an association NOMATARK which typicaly is organized in the summer months, accompanied by Critical Masses and advocates for the decommissioning of nuclear power plants. NOMATARK can be hired or invited to festivals!

NOMATARK Edutainment

NOMATARK’s approach is toward a pleasurable environmental focused on communication, emotionaly aware, and visualy experiences-oriented. What is already resonating in the NOMATARK Openairs is unobtrusive and down to earth, with the approach of the concrete in a Ecotainments energy workshop for children and teenagers. NOMATARK edutainment has been designed to work with youth oriented organizations and schools. The mobile exhibits and tasks treat the four areas; transportion, energy, conversion, and the consequences of the power conditioning in unit watts, which is used for the measured performance of energy. Another part of NOMATARK Edutainment is the solar workshop with hands on experiments and solar kits. The combination of an exhibition/event, educational materials and experiment tools provides a broad insight into the topic of energy, transportation and sustainability. NOMATARK edutainment can be transported with bick trailers, and is set in the same tent as the NOMATARK Openairs.

The idea for NOMATARK was created in the year 2009 after a first prototype and various eventswe enjoyed, from what we learned, we constructed what was the 2012 construction of the solar trailer, purchased the e-bikes and for the procurement of the remaining equipment, the necessary funds are wiped out. In the summer of 2013 NOMATARK would like to start the operation and its first official season. For a regular program, the summer tour, and the maintenance of the infrastructure we depend on new partnerships and sponsors.

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