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BikeUpright and Trailer. Proposed Bicycle carrier for road public transport.
A space efficient, rapid and easy-use Bike load and hold unit that offers assisted lifting of a Bike into a vertical securely held and sheltered position. Main proposal is for use with road public transport.
The BikeUpright will allow cyclists to hop on and off buses, selecting to be transported for the most awkward trajectory. This would remove psychological and physical barriers for many people considering cycling.

Bicycle in Public Transport.

There are many reasons for the growth in bicycle and transport integration. Public Transport and cycling benefit because:

1. Cycling extends the catchment area for public transport as it provides greater mobility to passenger at the beginning and end of journeys.

2. BIPT services provide cyclists with the option to take transport to avoid riding in the dark, up-hills, in poor weather, along routes with poor bike safety, or following mechanical failure.

The cyclist would have much greater control of how they managed their bicycle journey to be within their specific comfort limits. This would remove psychological and physical barriers for many people considering cycling.

A successful Bicycle transport symbiosis may be one of the most cost effective investments to increase the numbers of cyclists in urban areas.

BikeUpright. Proposed Bicycle carrier for road public transport.

A space efficient, rapid and easy-use Bike load and hold unit that offers assisted lifting of a Bike into a vertical secure and sheltered hold. Main proposal is for a number of BikeUpright units to be fitted to specifically designed lightweight trailers for road public transport.

The BikeUpright units can also function as Bike hire stations. Transported bike hire docks offer a dispersed and economical bike hire infrastructure across a whole city in contrast to the fixed and reduced radius traditional bike hire solutions.

The BikeUpright working together with specifically designed Bus trailers will service all the urban cycling needs: Bike transport, bike hire, bike share and secure bike storage.

With a small selection of routes and stops and taking into consideration the radius of a bike trajectory it is possible to service entire cities with very little infrastructural change or investment.

The introduction of the BIPT system can be very gently phased in a route at a time. Existing Bus stops and routes would require little or no adjustment to service a BIPT network. Road public transport operates in the same urban space as the bicycle.

Product design.

The BikeUpright is designed to be adaptable to suit specific markets of particular countries. A typical 10 unit trailer can be subdivided according to the desired Bike Hire or Bike Transport dock proportion. Bike load and release will be electronically managed according to the client organisation preference. The locked lever can be released by a specifically designed system by introducing a; ticket, bus pass, bike club membership, or bank card to an electronic reading device.

Product design development is in its very early stages. Progress has been slow due to a lack of funding. The proposal is for a very light weight lo-tech hydraulic piston assisted lever lift device that operates on little or no energy consumption. A small amount of electricity will be used for the electrical management of the locking mechanism and lighting in times of darkness. The electrical power required can be easily achieved through small independent solar panels.

The product will be designed to be extremely economical and lightweight in terms of financial costs and embodied energy of the selected material.


Research carried out in Spanish demonstrated that over 70% of cyclists, potential cyclists felt that such a facility would increase the quantity of days that they would use their bikes. 41.2% responded that they would then use their bikes for transport every day. Research carried out in English demonstrated less enthusiasm for bike transport. 32% suggested that it would increase their bike use.

The research was distorted by the fact that it failed to generate responses from enough non-cyclists. Cyclists who had overcome most of the issues surrounding using a bike for transport were not particularly interested in solutions that were targeted at inspiring potential cyclists who were yet feel sufficiently strong or safe to brave long distances and or urban traffic.

Ongoing research statistics will be made available to Velo-city at the Vienna conference.

In conclusion.

The Key and success of the BikeUpright is that it is extremely quick, very comfortable and easy to use, totally safe and when locked almost impossible to open. This space efficient Bike dock will also shelter and securely hold cycles in fixed urban hubs.

There is no doubt that the BikeUpright once fully developed and operating in the worlds transport and bike park markets will increase numbers of cyclists very significantly and reduce car use to such an extent that huge swathes of urban road areas will be handed back to the pedestrian.

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